Do you want to purchase boots and shoes for yourself or loved ones? This article will help you to find a trustworthy online retailer that sells shoes and boots.

Fashion is a very personal thing. We all know that the most stylish shoes are essential for modern times. This article will examine the Reviews as well as its validity in other countries, such the United States.


This online shop specializes in western-style boots and shoes. You will find a greater selection of professionals who use traditional and handcrafted materials that are appealing to online shoppers. They offer a variety of products, including men’s and women’s boots as well as wallets, caps and jeans, as well belt buckles.

They have a wide range of products that will appeal to all customers. They accept payment via a variety of methods, including PayPal, MasterCard and debit card.

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Specifications for the

This website’s URL is

It’s an e-shopping site that sells shoes, boots, and caps.

This website was created 29/11/2019 and will expire 29/11-2021.

They can be reached at 956-462-5087 for any queries. The website does not provide a specific email address.

The Review states that shipping usually takes between 2 and 3 days after placing an order. Manufacturing time for exotic boots can take up to three weeks.

They are located in different areas of the United States. One outlet is located at 4170 S Zapata Hwy Suite 4, Laredo TX 78046, while the other is at 1507 W Theo Ave San Antonio TX 78225.

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This site does not offer refunds, but offers exchange between products.

Accepts payments via a variety of modes including PayPal and MasterCard

What are the positive points of the website?

You will find the contact number on the website.

The Review shows that the website has a high trust score, i.e. This gives the website a high level of reliability.

Allows for instalments instead of purchasing things.

All footwear items eligible for free shipping

Publicity on social media sites like Facebook.

What are the negative points of the website?

Website has a low trust index of 27%

The website does not include an email address, which could cause alertness amongst buyers.

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This website does not offer refunds. They do offer exchanges.

Shipping costs are non-cashable. Buyers bear the cost of shipping.

Is Legit

We have collected the following information after conducting research on the website. This will allow us to verify its authenticity.

Domain Age This domain was registered on 29-11-1919 and will expire on 29/11/2021.

Trust Score and Rank: The website’s trust score is high and promotes trustworthiness. The trust index for this website is however low.

Social media activity The website has received a lot of publicity via Facebook, YouTube, and the internet. This has made it a popular choice for online marketing.

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Customer Reviews for customer reviews can be found on YouTube and other popular online review sites. These reviews create loyalty when customers purchase stuff. Trustpilot has not detected any such reviews.

Contact details: A contact number is listed on the website portal but not an email address.

These facts suggest that the website has received mixed reviews on different social media platforms regarding authenticity. However, it is important to do further research and to read all customer reviews in order to avoid future loss. reviews by customers

This online shopping site sells a variety of products, including boots. We found mixed reviews about this website on social media platforms like YouTube. A few clients have said that the boots are of high quality, and they recommend this store to others.

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Some users revealed that they were scammed by the website during online payments and that they even received the wrong size.

Final Verdict

This website is run by great professionals who aim to produce high-quality shoes and boots. However, reviews make it difficult to trust these websites. This website needs to be thoroughly researched as there are mixed reviews about the product and service.


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