This is not the first time when you have heard of stories of Instagrammers who are cashing in on pictures that they snap and share on a daily basis. Now, with your sizable following, you can think that you can make money out of Instagram as well.

Much like YouTubers or bloggers with a good audience base around the content they produce, even Instagram users can reach and influence people more. So, most companies, especially the newbies, are looking for such Instagram faces to promote their new business.

These two things together will have the opportunity for the Instagram creators to explore various streams on earning potential revenue. Whether they are trying to create an empire or just want to earn cash, now they are able to do so.

Some companies are not paying in cash to the Instagram users but in kind. So, if you promote their items, they will offer you free samples to use. It is another way to earn through Instagram.

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The number of followers you need to start making money:

You might be wondering how many followers do you need to get noticed by companies and promoting their products. Well, it is not as many as you might think. There are various factors, which will help you to determine when you can get the promotion you have been waiting for.

  • The niche that you are in and how easily you get to tie it to the product category is one way to know when you will receive promotions. Some of the popular niches are fitness, food, fashion, and beauty. 
  • Not just a large number of followers, but you need an engaging follower base to get promotions and pay for the pictures. For example, you might have 10K followers, but more than half of them are not engaging enough and more like ghost followers. You won’t receive any promotion in that way. But, if you have 2k followers and all of them are engaging on your posts, you will receive a promotion then.
  • Now, you need to explore the revenue channels before finalizing the promotional tool. Depending on the revenue stream you have chosen, you will receive different promotions. If you are okay with kind instead of cash, you will have options from various small and big companies alike. But for cash, you need to have a strong and good following hold.
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So, the more engaging followers you have, the better. In case you want more such engaging followers for upcoming posts, then is the one for you. There are various steps that you can use for getting followers on Instagram in the most natural and legal way. This way, even if Instagram is on the search, it won’t find any issue with your account, and your Instagram account will remain intact.

Always go for the sponsored posts:

Sponsored content might be the first thing to address whenever you hear of the term “Instagram influencer.” There are more than 500,000 active influencers on Instagram if you go by the 2019 survey.

  • The main requirement is to have a decent to impressive follower count and competitive engagement rate. In other words, the strategy is to make the strangers on the Instagram trust you and rely on your words.
  • The main appeal of this strategy is that it involved marketing without going through any headaches or e-commerce. It will not need you to create a product or just fulfill orders.
  • In a perfect world, all this will entail you being yourself and posting about the services, products, or brands that will make life what it is in reality.
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But, there remains a downside to it for sure. Not all brands are created in an equal manner, and it might not be the best brands knocking at the door all the time. Moreover, you have scammers out there targeting aspiring influencers. So, be very sure and careful of the sponsorships you are going for.

Even if you end up succeeding with the sponsored content route, you might have to reflect on the balance between integrity and revenue. It is always the personal brand on the line, and people will trust authenticity. Make sure to check if the brand goes with your content before you start promoting their work. 

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Always focus on the main niche:

If how to get paid on Instagram is your main goal, then you have to head towards personal brands for sure. But you have to love it too to act genuinely in your posts and videos about the product.

  • Not only that, but you have to consider how the potential partner sees things as well. Brands are known to compare their audience to the target market.
  • As per recent statistics, around 55% of brands prefer micro-influencers who have a more authentic connection with the audience. So, chances are high for smaller influencers to get brands calling their names.
  • If you are able to get more specific, that will be a whole lot better. If you are specific about the niche you are interested in and start looking for brands accordingly, it will work out really well for you then.
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Trust building is really important:

Around 81% of the Instagram influencers will have somewhere between 15,000 and 100,000 followers. In case you haven’t reached that goal, then nothing to worry about. There is hardly any shortcut to growing follower count, but there are some tried and true strategies that you might have to follow to get there.

Make sure to post consistently, preferably at the same time. It will make your followers wait for your new content to see and comment too. If you are irregular with your posting or giving a long gap between posts, you are losing some potential followers and brands with it.

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Go with the flow:

Remember that you need to go with the flow when it comes to foolproof strategies for making money out of Instagram. With the changes taking place, try to mold your profile accordingly and start earning cash or kind in no time.


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