We should do it now. But can we do it another week? We have to do it now, or we will run out of essentials. These are some of the things that come to mind when you think of the word grocery shopping. Many people like to avoid it altogether and do it with a lot of effort. If you are also a non-shopper who doesn’t like the idea of waiting in long lines at a grocery shop, then you should be happy. Here are some grocery shopping tips that you cannot miss, especially if you are shopping at an Indian grocery store. They might help you make the experience purely stress-free and hassle-free.

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Never Shop on Sunday Afternoons

Most of the people who work on the weekdays or attend church decide to shop on Sundays. So, it is likely that the shop staff would be swamped with online and offline orders and won’t be able to help you. You might even have to stand in long queues. So, it’s better to shop during non-peak hours like weekday afternoons and avoid grocery shopping on Sundays.

Don’t Shop When You are Hungry

It would help if you never shopped for groceries or other essentials when you are hungry. When you shop with an empty stomach, you will shop for more food than needed. You might also be willing to pay more for foods items. You might also fill your cart with unhealthy items or products you won’t ever eat. Always shop on a full stomach and read the ingredients to know what you are buying and its impact on your health.

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Bring Your Own Bag

When shopping for groceries, you should bring your own bags with you to the stores. It will help you avoid the need to purchase a bag at an extra cost, and you will not end up with tons of grocery bags at your home that you no longer need. In addition, bringing your own bag will allow you to know how much you can easily shop, and you won’t buy unwanted or not-needed items that you can’t fit into the bags.

Always Buy Meat and Dairy Products at the End

If you have a complete grocery list and want to spend some time grocery shopping, you should try to buy frozen items, dairy products, and meats at the end. If you buy them before and spend a lot of time at the grocery store, you might end up with lukewarm items that might perish (dairy products and meats, and even frozen foods). You will still have to pay for them and waste your money.

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Reach Towards the Back

Most people don’t know the fact that grocery stores follow the first in and first out logistics approach. So, the freshest grocery items are always towards the back. So, you should reach towards the back if you want to buy fresh items like frozen foods, packaged foods, fresh fruits & vegetables, dairy, eggs, etc.

Pick Produce in the Mornings

If a major chunk of your grocery shopping involves picking fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, and other products, you should shop in the mornings. Most of the produce arrives fresh in the mornings and might become useless by nighttime. Even when shopping online, place an order with a morning delivery slot to get your hands on the freshest produce.

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Shop Online

If you want to avoid the queues, you can also choose to shop for groceries online. Many stores deliver fresh groceries at your doorstep and also ensure that they follow all COVID-19 protocols. Find out one of such stores and shop from the comfort of your home.

Which is the Best Indian Grocery Store?

One of the best Indian grocery stores in the US that you can trust Easily is UMA Foods. It has a wide variety of products, affordable pricing, and offers quick deliveries. Whether you are looking for the best Indian spices near me or buying frozen foods, this store stocks them all. To make things easier for shopper show don’t like grocery shopping much, the helpful customer service team of Uma Foods is there. The customer service agents can help you order groceries online smoothly and safely, and they can also steer you to the right products if you choose to shop from the store.


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