When getting older We often see changes in the skin that has changed. whether it is slack wrinkles that began to appear This may be caused by lifestyle behavior or deterioration of the skin layer. Let’s see that What causes sagging and wrinkles?

Every young woman would not want her skin dry. because it makes you look bad. Therefore, you should take care of yourself. or see a doctor for a treatment consultation, with concern from facelabs.co.th

Causes of sagging and wrinkles

1. Sunlight and Pollution Sunlight has UV rays that destroy collagen and elastin. This causes the skin to lose its flexibility and cause sagging problems. And besides, it may not be just the problem of sagging and wrinkles caused. But there may be a problem with dark skin. Freckles followed as well. and at present, the problem of pollution If the skin gets a lot of course that will affect our skin condition as well.

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2. Rest and Stress Because both of these affect hormones. such as estrogen and growth hormones that help the skin look younger and help repair skin cells, so if these two hormones are reduced Of course, it will affect the skin. cause deterioration and causing sagging and wrinkles

3. Many people are unaware that facial expressions such as smiling, laughing or angry can also cause wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, forehead, or corners of the mouth.

4. Age. As you get older, your body will definitely be less efficient in producing new skin cells. causing the production of collagen and elastin to decrease accordingly resulting in sagging in the skin structure until the skin becomes wrinkled and wrinkled. Notice that at a young age Our skin becomes smoother, younger, and begins to age with age, so age and sagging are inevitable.


Problems of sagging in each age group

        Each age has different problems with sagging and wrinkles. Of course, the solution must also be different. when getting older May have to solve problems with medical methods more than ever and at a young age Skincare alone may be enough. Or is it just Botox Filler injections rather than Ultherapy and Thermage FLX?

Age range 20-29 years

     Although it is a period that is known as a teenager. Skin cells also produce large amounts of collagen and elastin. But do not forget that there are also external factors such as sunlight. lifestyle behavior at this age may be neglected until causing wrinkles and sagging which may cause faded wrinkles to be seen and may become more evident as you get older

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    For people aged 25 years and over, sometimes these problems may begin to become more evident, especially those of wrinkles. It may be evident when expressing emotions such as frowning. and may begin to have bags under the eyes that are more noticeable and under the darker eyes

How to care for and restore wrinkles and sagging of 20-29 years old

– Keeping slaves eating care or doing facial treatments that help with wrinkles and sagging to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin cells

– Avoid behaviors that cause sagging such as less rest, rubbing your eyes or touching your face often.


– If there are visible wrinkles Botox injections may be used to suppress wrinkled muscles, or filler injections to smooth the skin and fill in the eye area to look bright as before.

Age range 30-39 years

     This age may be a stressful working age. including insufficient rest Especially with the older age. The efficiency of collagen and elastin production begins to deteriorate. May cause wrinkles that are more noticeable Both around the cheekbones, forehead or around the eyes. and sagging neck, cheeks, ptosis, even the slightest expression of emotion. I can still see wrinkles and sagging that occur, so only skin care maintenance. It may not be enough for this age.

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     Wrinkles and sagging that occur during this age may occur around the eyes, bags under the eyes, wrinkles that are noticeable when smiling or showing the slightest emotion. The cheekbones began to be noticeable. And if some of you do not have a diet or take care of eating behavior. There is a chance to cause a wattle too.

How to care for and restore wrinkles and sagging of 30-39 years old

– Suitable for using innovations to help restore skin structure, such as Ultherapy and Thermage FLX, which are recognized innovations. And there are researches that show real results. It will send waves into the skin structure. to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin by perhaps doing only half the page Or only the parts that have problems with sagging and wrinkles such as around the eyes. There’s no need to do the whole page in case it doesn’t have a lot of problems.

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– Performing other procedures in conjunction with Ulthera or Thermage FLX for better structural regeneration efficiency. Helps to tighten the sagging skin back. and can cover problems that may arise with each individual Whether it’s Botox injections to reduce wrinkles, filler in the answer area, and helps the skin look smooth. or even injecting Meso Fat to dissolve fat

– Eating and caring from within Behavior modifications, such as finding things to do to relieve stress getting enough sleep and eating foods that contain antioxidants

Age range 40-49 years

     During the age of 40 and over, the fat on the skin begins to sag and the SMAS layer of skin begins to sag a lot. Lack of firmness, inelasticity, especially the skin under the eyes, cheeks and jaw, causing the sagging of the face clearly. Wrinkles are often more difficult to manage. See more clearly even without showing emotions on the face, dry skin, dehydrated skin, causing the skin to look shabby

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    Care and restoration of wrinkles and sagging during this age may require a dermatologist. and more than one procedure because it is not just a problem of sagging But there may still be other problems. caused by the lack of moisture under the surface as well Therefore, you should consult a doctor to find a suitable recovery method for yourself.

How to care for and restore wrinkles and sagging of 40-49 years old

– Using the innovation of Ulthera because focus ultrasound waves can penetrate deep into the SMAS layer of the skin, causing the sagging skin layer to be tightened again. For those who have other problems, such as a lot of fat under the skin, may join Thermage FLX to get more noticeable results.

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– Performing other procedures combined with lifting, such as Botox by injecting with the Dermo Lift technique for better lifting efficiency. and injected into various wrinkles In addition, it includes the addition of Hyaluronic Acid or HA to the skin to replenish moisture to the skin. Helps reduce wrinkles The skin that used to be dry has returned to look younger again.

Age 50 years and over

      Over the age of 50 years, the structure of the skin changes greatly and deteriorates. including decreased hormones This makes the body unable to restore skin cells by itself. The face may appear visibly duller, the skin is not full and puffy, and the eyelids droop. Wrinkles are very clear even with the use of various innovations. will help to some extent But there may be some points that require surgery to join as well. This is evident in the area around the eyes that begins to fall. having slack Makes the eye layer not clearly visible. Therefore, ptosis correction surgery may be an option to restore sagging as well.

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How to care for and restore wrinkles and sagging for people 50 years and older.

– Facelift surgery or surgery on sagging areas such as around the eyes can make you look younger and brighter.

– Complete Ultherapy and Thermage FLX with other procedures to stimulate the sagging skin structure including injecting various fillers into To make the skin look fuller, not replying

How to manage wrinkles and sagging

– Get enough rest and manage stress skin care basics which can be used for all genders and ages because it is nourishing and rejuvenating from the inside. If this can be managed, it can help prevent wrinkles and sagging.

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– Healthy eating habits Start by eating foods that contain antioxidants and help nourish the skin. Avoid eating foods that are high in trans fats. because it can cause fat around the face and make the skin wrinkled and sagging prematurely

– Modifying the sleeping position Lying on your back is the best sleeping position that helps prevent wrinkles. Because our faces will not rub against the pillow, which is one of the causes of wrinkles. and sagging

– Face exercise or yoga It will help strengthen the muscles on the face and help the blood flow better. This makes it harder to prevent wrinkles and sagging. It also helps the issue of a clear face as well.

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– Sunscreen and skincare that helps reduce wrinkles. To nourish the skin and protect against UV rays from the sun.

– medical consultation and the use of lifting innovations to help by choosing a doctor who specializes in skin structure Able to analyze problems properly and choose innovation or procedures that are suitable for the problem to make the money spent on care worthwhile and see the most results


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