The market is young, many things are not regulated by law, it’s subject to hype. As a result, the value of companies may jump within a month. Because of the sharp market decline, many novice investors, having lost their investments, withdrew or simply froze their activities. By choosing a good blockchain marketing firm you will always be sure of the successful promotion of your product, this is very important.


Speculative capital also became less, which on the one hand is bad, because it became harder to raise funds, on the other hand is good, because there remain serious investors who understand the technology and who can afford to wait for the development of the project. Which is more important for the health of the market.

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Features of the market for the marketer:


  • Promoting ICOs and blockchain projects on Google, Twitter, Facebook, and some other networks is officially banned.


  • Large investors are intimidated by advertising campaigns because they suspect that the marketing budget will be generated at their expense, meaning that the money will go to advertising and attracting new investors, not to develop the company.


  • Reputation has a critical decision to make. Some bloggers and resources are not taken seriously because they promoted Scam projects. Conclusion – communicate only through those contacts that are given on their official sites and write the first. Since the scammers can easily send you requests from fake emails that look like the real thing.
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  • You must understand what you are writing about, for that you must have a good expertise in blockchain technology. Often that is what determines how you are perceived by the community and investors. This applies to your entire marketing team.


  • The main community building channels are changing, e.g. air drop mechanics are increasingly used instead of advertising.

Audience Features


Despite the bans and legal restrictions on cryptocurrency trading and ICOs in a number of countries, your geography of work is almost the whole world. Therefore, immediately think of a system for the verification of potential investors. Similarly about the peculiarities of working with each audience.

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The most valuable segments are: institutional investors and blockchain developers. The former give basic money, the latter add value to your project. For both groups, the technical component of the project, the expertise of the team, and the relevance of the problem being solved are important.

Important points that do not concern marketing

  • Keep in mind the legal considerations and restrictions imposed by different countries when launching and promoting blockchain projects.
  • There will be many attempts to scam you or the users of your project, so take the security of your site, email databases, social media accesses seriously.
  • Opinion of co founders is an opinion of the project, watch out for opinions both online and at conferences. Reputation carries more weight than in many other markets.
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The topic of marketing of blockchain projects is very broad and you can write a separate article for each point. In further publications I will try to explain in more detail the specifics of the work on specific channels, formats of interaction with the audience, common myths in the work and other things.


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