You were injured in a road accident in Wyoming. Clearly, the other driver was drunk and didn’t adhere to their “duty of care.” The state follows a fault-based system for such situations and depending on the facts and circumstances, you may have the chance to recover a settlement from the at-fault driver. Check this link to get a free assessment of your case. If you are hiring an injury lawyer in Wyoming, here are the mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Not checking the lawyer’s profile: Personal injury lawyers deal with everything, starting from the standard auto accident claims to slip & fall injuries and medical malpractice. Lawyers usually have specific areas of expertise, and you need someone who deals with car accident cases as a regular component of their practice.
  2. Not meeting the lawyer: The first meeting with an injury lawyer doesn’t have to cost a penny. The initial consultation is free with almost all firms in Wyoming. As a client, you need to feel comfortable around your lawyer, and it is best to meet them in person to know their attitude and approach. You can also know what your claim is worth based on the initial facts.
  3. Believing in tall promises: While there’s no denying that a good attorney can turn your injury claim in the right direction, they can never promise an outcome. Don’t hire someone who is willing to keep their ethics aside to fight the legal battle. Don’t assume that the tall words will always translate into action, especially if the lawyer wants you to lie.
  4. Not checking online reviews: Clients often post reviews on social media handles and Google, and the information can help you sort different attorneys in Wyoming. A law firm with hundreds of good reviews is undoubtedly a potential option, but don’t let a few bad reviews put you off. The reviews you consider should be from independent sources.
  5. Not asking about their trial experience: Injury claims don’t usually need a trial in Wyoming, but you need to be sure that the lawyer can file a lawsuit if required. Ask the attorney if they have been to court for car accident cases and their success rate.
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Finally, ask the lawyer about the expenses of the case you are responsible for, which will allow you to prepare for the financial situation accordingly. Call an attorney soon after your car accident for the initial discussion.



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