If you’ve ever been in an RV, you can agree with us that it can be quite difficult to find a signal while you’re on the road. It can be so frustrating especially when you have to make a very important call.

Also, if you are someone who loves to stay connected to the internet, the lack of a decent network can be so annoying. Besides, it poses a huge safety risk when there is a need to call out for help. Hence, getting a cellular signal booster for your RV is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you hit the road.

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If you are wondering what an RV cellular signal booster is, we will tell you in a bit. We will also discuss the benefits you stand to enjoy when you install this device.

What an RV Cellular Signal Booster is

An RV cellular signal booster is a specially designed device that is used for RVs to ensure that the cellular reception is strong. This device boosts the signal received from the cell tower nearest to your recreational vehicle.

This device is essential for folks who find themselves in areas with a poor network. Instead of having to manage and cope without any signal while in such an area, you can still get full call bars with the aid of the booster.

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Apart from being in a low reception area, if your vehicle is made of any metal, especially aluminum, such materials can interfere with the incoming signals. Therefore, with a booster, the network strength can be increased thereby enabling better reception within the camper.

With this device installed, your voice, as well as data coverage, will be improved. Visit https://www.mobilsat.com/ to learn how to improve data speeds while traveling.

How an RV Cellular Signal Booster Works

The cellular booster is composed of 3 main constituents:

  1. External antenna: This antenna is usually placed outside the vehicle; mostly on the camper’s roof or attached to the mobile home’s ladder. The job of this antenna is to pick the signal coming from the cell towers around. It then transfers it to the amplifier unit within the RV via a cable.
  2. Amplifier unit: As we said this component is found inside the recreational vehicle and is responsible for boosting the signal received by the external antenna. The amplifier unit then sends it to the antenna inside the camper via a cable.
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iii. Internal antenna: This component completes the job by broadcasting the network throughout your RV. You don’t have to configure your cellular devices as the connection to the boosted network is usually automatic.

RV Cellular Signal Booster Benefits

In this section, we will discuss the benefits you stand to gain if you install this device in your camper:

1. Enhances Call Dependability

Don’t you just hate it when a call just cuts off abruptly? Well, that happens when the reception is poor. Therefore, when you use a booster, you can be sure that such won’t happen. Also, you won’t have to miss important calls as a result of having no call bar on your cellphone. You can also rest assured that the reception will be very clear and you won’t have to strain to hear what the other party is saying.

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2. Prolongs Battery Life

What many folks do not know is that the more your phone has to search to get a network, the more battery power it uses. Hence, when you are in an area with little or no reception, your phone works more to reconnect to the network. This, in turn, uses battery power.

Therefore, when the network is readily available in your RV thanks to the installed device, your phone won’t have to labor so much. Hence, the battery of your phone is preserved which also prolongs the battery life. Click here to learn how to prolong your battery’s life.

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3. Leads to Faster Internet and Data Speeds

We all know that downloads and pages take longer to complete and load when the network is poor. We also feel sorry for anyone trying to stream a movie with a poor network.

Therefore, the enhancement provided by the installed device will ensure that you don’t have to deal with pages taking forever to load. Downloads and streaming will also be faster.


Going on a road trip is all fun until when you find yourself without any cellular reception. Imagine having a faulty vehicle and you cannot call for help. Hence, it is best to be prepared for such emergencies even before you set off by installing an RV cellular signal booster.

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In the article above, we have explained what an RV cellular signal booster is, how it works, and the benefits of installing one.


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