Sirvez is a sophisticated project management solution with a full-fledged CRM that is unique to the pro-AV market. Prior to its launch, the firm needed a new website and branding.

Sirvez: a brief description

Sirvezknew they needed to seem current, fresh, and appealing to a forward-thinking market as a start-up. We chose little text, huge pictures, and introduced movement and engagement to the site whenever feasible to achieve this. Because of the lengthy scrolling design, all information is easily accessible, and each visitor is brought on a logical trip to understand Sirvez’s strength.

  • Scrolling design on a single page.
  • Attract attention through movement and engagement.
  • The use of graphics and pictures is combined.
  • The whole website is responsive, meaning it works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
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Website Illustrates Installing Successfully

If you want to have a good AV installation, you should priorities site surveys. Sirvez provides you with the tools and capabilities you need to collaborate with facilities departments and guarantee that all aspects of the analysis are addressed. • Ensuring that blocking for display places and wall cabinets is in place for the support of AV equipment installation are some of the chores and activities that are part of complete site assessments and that the app will come in useful to aid you with.

  • Installation services for the command and control center are provided.
  • Examine cable runs and terminators for errors.
  • Examine the loading dock and unloading route.
  • Providing cable entry points to the console for clients.
  • Double-checking whether the audio-visual equipment racks have electricity.
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The numerous information required to perform site surveys for AV demonstrate how easily mistakes may be made throughout the survey process. Using pen and paper to take notes or multiple devices to capture site photographs might lead to a loss of knowledge on all that has to be done for the project. Sirvez, a site survey program for system integrators, may help you keep track of all things and activities in your job while also allowing team members to collaborate on projects in real time.

Technologists on Every Survey

A possible disadvantage is the requirement for numerous site visits for upgrades and the collecting of fresh information from clients. It raises the risk of mistakes in this procedure. As the survey gets underway, it’s critical to make sure that everyone on the team has access to the most up-to-date data collected on the site. The Sirvez app can assist you minimize time-consuming site analysis operations. This app’s features make it easier for you to save time by completing the survey faster and ensuring that the information given with all team members is consistent. Team members participating in the survey may fill out specifics on unique scenarios while also adding features required for the site being surveyed using Sirvez’s site survey form and sticker features. The additional information on the stickers provides a quick overview of the requirements on the ground.Because time is saved during the review, you will have plenty of time to talk with the customer about the project specifics.

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Using the tools contained in site survey software like Sirvez, virtual cooperation is also made possible. Each team member may do different activities and come up with project estimates thanks to the information given through the platforms. In this instance, system integrators can save time and boost efficiency and effectiveness by using site survey software.

Instant Sharp Sharing

It is critical to have a technology that allows for the instant exchange of site analysis information while doing site surveys in order to save time while performing site surveys. Aspects such as product data, activities requiring customer follow-up, and real-time visualization of the site require input from many project team members. Administrative tasks like assigning responsibilities to team members and seeking information may be completed while on the road using the Sirvez survey program.

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Digital media at Your Disposal

Digital data is quickly gaining favor among AV system installers for project completion. Surveys are used to collect data, which is then shared among team members in a virtual setting. Because the team has the ability to work digitally, they may view all project components before going on the ground to do the project’s real tasks. Administrators can use site survey tools to add details to the virtual environment when different components of the project are updated. Sirvez planner ensures you with access to digital As-Built at all times. During the survey, you may quickly exchange crucial data and receive updates that help you finish the assignment.

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Organize the Complete Life-Cycle

Customer expectations, which must be met, are at the center of the site survey and related operations.Customers’ expectations are centered on the capacity to meet project objectives quickly. It is critical to ensure that the customer gets access to relevant and accurate information about the project in order to satisfy their expectations. Because the Sirvez planner allows for team cooperation during site surveys, this is seldom a solitary duty and often necessitates the participation of many team members. Data is exchanged across several platforms, reducing the risk of mistakes, and diverse trained employees have the chance to contribute to the final information given with the client. The client will have access to the critical facts that will impact the project’s success by the conclusion of the review. As consumers’ expectations are satisfied, the organization’s project success rate and profitability rise.

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Sirvez can assist you with AV integration, design, and advice.

Selecting appropriate site survey software for system integrators, such as Sirvez, will aid in AV design, integration, and consulting. You may also count on tool capabilities that comply with University Standards for Audio-visual Teaching Technologies and a wide range of audio-visual integrations.

Helpdesk & tasks

Customer forms or email may be used to quickly manage the items that have been deployed. Set SLAs (service-level agreements) and ticket prioritization. Tasks – Assign tasks to projects/products, priorities them,locations, and establish deadlines. Kanban boards and time monitoring are among the other features. Customers may delegate difficult work to internal resources and external freelancers, and use the conflict tool to minimize multiple bookings.


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