With living expenses at a pinch and energy prices rocketing, now is the time to think long and hard about where you could save money for an uncertain future. The cost of living has already compelled families to make difficult decisions about where they spend their money – and in some cases when they heat their homes. To save cash on our heating bills while still keeping your family happy, healthy, and heated, this article is all about the smart tactics you can take to save money on your heating expenses this year. 


When you’re heating a home, timing is everything. With no one in your house during some parts of every day, there’s no point heating your home 24/7. That heat that you’re wasting when you aren’t at home is simply burning up the cash you have, leaving you out of pocket and no warmer as a result. Instead, it’s advisable to set a timer – or to buy one – so that your heating goes on a handful of minutes before you and your family are scheduled to arrive back at your home. Timing when your heating turns on and off can save you hundreds of dollars across the year. 

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Every household differs when it comes to setting the temperature gauge at a certain level. Some prefer a home that’s piping hot, while others are happy to live with only the slightest chill in the air of their home. The advice for those on the hot end of the spectrum is to experiment with slightly less heat. Try turning down your thermostat by a single degree each week to get your family used to less high temperatures. You may be surprised to find that your high level of heating wasn’t actually necessary after all. 

Boiler Changes

The more modern your boiler, the less money it’ll waste in heating your home. That means that older boilers are costing you money – and will eventually die of their own accord, meriting investment in a new one but leaving you without heating for several days. It’s wise to invest in a new boiler through GJS plumbing and heating services so that you have the most fuel-efficient model available. That investment will pay for itself in a matter of months when you end up saving money on the heating of your home.

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When your home’s better insulated, less heat will tend to escape from it out into the wider environment. Insulation works especially well in walls and ceilings, where it’s able to trap heat efficiently. Without insulation, your home will require more heat to establish the temperature you need your home to rest at. With quality insulation, you’ll need the heating on for less time before your whole home is toasty – and set to stay that way for longer. Invest in insulation for the cooler areas of your home in order to save money on your heating bill each month. 

Make your heating expenses shrink with the four tips outlined above – all designed to ease the cost of living crisis that’s setting in worldwide. 


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