Over the years the learning space has evolved drastically and made learning and teaching more convenient. There are better learning resources and opportunities for all and with lower investment, students have better learning tools at their fingertips. From the traditional classroom to the platform to sell courses online, the learning space has come a long way. It took a completely new system of education for a new learning space to be designed and developed for making learning possible even from home. The pandemic itself has been a time for major learning and has helped people learn and develop new techniques for doing things while also ensuring the safety and well-being of all. In this article, we will be taking a look at the different forms that the learning space has taken in the past. We will take a detailed look at the different types of learning spaces that still exist and how these spaces are all different from each other. This article will help you understand these learning spaces better and also help you choose a learning space if required. 

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A classroom is the most basic form of learning space that we know of. It is also the learning space that first crosses our minds the moment we think of a place of learning. A classroom is a place where there is a blackboard, notice board and where a teacher will deliver lectures while all the students are present and attending the same. Classrooms are present in schools, colleges, tuition centres or coaching centres and academies of different types. 

Other than classrooms, there are also other learning spaces in schools and colleges. These are the lecture room, interactive classroom, playground, lab and so on. An interactive classroom is a concept that was introduced only a few years ago. In this type of learning space, instead of a blackboard, there are projectors and screens where students can watch informative and interesting videos and other content that helps them learn any topic better and also understand concepts easily. In a country like India, making every classroom an interactive classroom was not a possibility and hence students only have the opportunity to learn in these spaces a few times every month. These classes were more engaging and the students also enjoyed this learning experience more. 

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Learning nowadays is no longer limited to a classroom. It is not even a physical space anymore. A classroom can also exist virtually and have students and teachers who are not in the same location geographically. The online space has evolved beyond what we could even imagine and learning is now possible from anywhere and at any time. There are so many more aspects of online learning spaces than traditional learning spaces. There are also more possibilities for the students and the teachers and more learning opportunities as well. The online system of education has helped the online learning space develop into this space where learning and teaching are possible for people of all age groups and people from all educational and professional backgrounds. 

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The online system of education has introduced a variety of tools for teaching and learning. This system also virtualised most learning spaces and improved the, for the teacher as well as the learner. The online classrooms, online labs and online lecture halls had all the features of the traditional learning spaces and also had a lot of additional features as well that helped them in enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Classes could be conducted in the online mode in real-time as per a fixed schedule or based on the convenience of the teacher and the learner. There are online whiteboards, noticeboards, exam platforms and so many other tools that make the online space similar to the traditional space. 

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One of the ways of learning in the online space is an online course. Online courses offer more flexible and inclusive learning opportunities. These courses can be attended at the convenience of the learner and the course can be completed as quickly or as slowly as the learner wishes to. The course creator has to find the best platform to sell online courses from your own website and make sure that the learners are able to access these online courses and learn conveniently in a virtual learning space. 


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