Cryptocurrency has captivated the hearts and wallets of millions of people in the past ten years. Bitcoin has soared and, at times, fallen, and many other forms of currency have found their place on the market. One such currency that is captivating the public is NFTs.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. This form of currency is unique because it can be nearly anything, like drawings, poems, photographs, and more. These pieces of art are minted on the Blockchain, and then are ready to be sold or traded.

NFTs are unique because anyone can make them, and anyone can make money off of them too. But what are the most expensive NFTs?

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Beeple’s Crossroads – $6.6 Million

This NFT was sold via Nifty Gateway and is an apparent response to the 2020 election. The piece features an unresponsive, blob-shaped depressed figure of a man lying face down in the grass. The figure is supposed to be a portrayal of Donald Trump. Crossroads also featured two different videos. One video would portray a celebratory Trump, and the other a gloomy one. The video would play depending on the outcome of the 2020 election.

Ocean Front – $6 Million

This NFT was aimed at the climate crisis and was auctioned for charity to benefit the Open Earth Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation. The NFT depicts a flowing tree atop a trailer and shipping containers. These ramshackle items are then on top of a platform.

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The piece features a caption that states, “together we can solve this.” This is a great example of what NFT art can do and how anyone can make them and make a difference, especially if you take an NFT masterclass.

The class is suited to teach you everything you’d want to know and need to know about making NFTs and selling them. There are a lot of good things that can be accomplished using NFTs.

Right Click And Save As Guy – $7.08 Million

This NFT is somewhat unique because Snoop Dogg himself is responsible for the purchase. This NFT was XCopy’s attempt at satire for those who don’t understand the value of NFT and crypto art. This NFT offers a reminder that the receipts of the art cannot be copied, thanks to the technology of the blockchain, unlike the image itself. The NFT features a pixelated image of what appears to be a man in sunglasses, almost 80s new wave style.

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Cryptopunk #7804 – $7.57 Million

This NFT is related to the cryptopunks. The cryptopunks are a menagerie of over 10,000 unique characters. These characters are hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain. However, no two cryptopunks exactly look alike. This makes each piece exceptionally valuable.

As fas as expensive NFTs go, this one is pretty unique in itself. This NFT features another character, which stands out for having rare traits in comparison with the whole collection. One such trait is alien skin, which only 0.09% of the collection has. Small shades are also another rate trait possessed by only 4% of the collection. The other cryptopunk NFTs also catch big dollars, some ranging past ten million dollars.

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Human One – $28.9 Million

This NFT is unique because it changes over time and features digital and physical elements. Created by Beeple, they retain remote access and update it periodically. Because of that, it makes this NFT one of the more unique ones available, hence the hefty sale price. This piece showcases an astronaut trodding through a background that changes as time goes on.

The Merge – $91.8 Million

Created by artist Pak, The Merge retains the current title of most expensive NFT ever sold. Pak has never revealed their real identity, though they do have a pretty large presence in the art community. The Merge isn’t static but is rather made up of “masses” that anyone could buy. When it started, the NFT started as three large dots against a black background. As buyers bought, the size of the dots increased.

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NFTs seem to be holding strong and don’t show signs of going anywhere anytime soon. They are changing the way that people interact with art and how people buy art. While most NFT sales won’t make it onto the most expensive list, they still allow artists to make money off of their art. Anyone can make and sell NFTs, and it’s easier to do than you’d think, especially with the help of a masterclass.



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