Internet casinos in Canada have been around since the 1990s. They have always been on top of their marketing game to attract new customers. In the last few years, with the rise of social media and the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors, nearly every online casino has had to develop an impressive social media presence to keep up sales.

Our gambling marketing expert, Conrad A. Brennan writes that Canadian casino review is no longer sufficient. Casinos need to learn to utilize the internet and invest in online gambling social media strategy. Let’s learn how to use social media to our advantage.

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If you don’t know how to turn your customers’ opinions, messages, and videos into actionable data, you’re wasting your time and money. Social media analytics can help with this. As a result, they’re critical in helping the casino understand who to target, how customers are responding, and what they want. Strategic marketing decisions, media allocations, and determining the appropriate level of online involvement can all be aided by this information. Such tools assist casinos in determining how much of an impact their promotions have.

Informing the Public

To keep customers up-to-date on the current happenings of your establishment, you need to stay active on social media. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms can be used to make announcements, put up teasers for new games, set up tournaments, or even sneak in promo codes!

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This information enables customers to learn about intriguing tournaments at their favourite casinos or ones they’ve never played before. These kinds of announcements have the potential to both attract new clients and retain current ones.

Commenting on User Reviews and Suggestions

Social media networks like Facebook and Reddit are popular places for online casino players to post about their experiences. In order to keep customers interested, use these platforms to explain why certain decisions were made or answer FAQ questions. Additionally, you can use this as an opportunity to recompense dissatisfied customers.

Further, you can take their feedback and improve their user experience. Statistics, such as how much time players spend gambling, or the most popular casino games, can be tweeted. Customer relationships are strengthened, and your authority as an industry expert is bolstered when you provide these insider tips.


Social media is more effective than traditional forms of media in fostering interactive dialogue among its audience. If an online casino makes a post on Facebook or Twitter, for example, customers can respond with questions, clarifications, and their own thoughts. These responses provide the casino with an idea of how their new games and promotions will be received by their clients.

Participating in Projects with Video-Game Influencers

Young gamers and potential casino customers enjoy following the YouTube and Twitch channels of well-known video game streamers. Gaming celebrities frequently advertise free casino games during live streams. Ads for online casinos are often accompanied by slick graphics that make them seem more appealing. When people see advertisements for online casinos, they get more interested in learning more and playing for real money. More so when endorsed by their favourite influencer.

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Collaborations with Advertising Agencies

Social media is also used by casinos to collaborate with other businesses and organizations. Casinos can sponsor winners of their jackpots to stay at a hotel or resort through a Facebook promotion. An advertisement for online games would not have had the same impact. Why, you wonder? Social media allows for the sharing of posts with friends and family. An advertisement cannot be relayed verbatim, while a post can go viral and even be forwarded across WhatsApp to push the subject.

Increasing the Number of New Customers

Social media is a tool that you can utilize to attract new clients. For casinos, social gamification is an exciting new trend. Users are encouraged to participate in games and simulations by publishing them on social media and through mobile apps. People are particularly receptive to social games. Have demo games they can play and link them to the real games once they hit a certain mark in the game.

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Playing online casino social media games is completely free, and players can win fake prizes. In order to teach people about the laws and dynamics of gaming, we’ve created an online simulation., one of the most successful casino companies in recent years, can be introduced to young gamers through mobile games.

In most cases, people can download games to their cellphones and begin playing them immediately. When a user can play for free, they are enticed to pay for additional features and upgrades. Making in-app purchases can be a terrific approach to getting new customers because they are more inclined to try out online casino games.

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Social Media Marketing is now a trending marketing field. You won’t need a fancy degree to analyze what the numbers are saying. Spend some time online and make a note of how casinos are promoted. You will have two key takeaways from this; how casinos market their products and how much you can trust them.

Now use this information to boost your casino sales with the help of social media!


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