iOS is the mobile operating system designed by Apple Inc that supports the hardware created by Apple like iPhones and iPads. In comparison to its competitors, Apple has a user interface that is both intuitive and appealing. The development of iOS business apps is in high demand, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom. With that, iOS developers are required by many people. This is because a significant number of individuals in these nations have access to iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices. These are the primary reasons why businesses create iOS applications for their company.

If you want to become a well-known iOS developer, you need to keep an eye on the latest technological advancements and iOS developer tools that allow you to deliver scalable and high-performant apps. Every iOS developer’s job is to create a fully-functional native iOS application that meets the client’s expectations. The iOS app developer’s salary depends upon the skills they possess and their years of experience.

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Minimum requirements and preferred skills of iOS developers

Skills that are required at a minimum and those that are preferred:

  • Experience with REST API design and service development
  • Proficiency in Swift programming
  • Familiarity with Apple’s design ideas and interface guidelines
  • Knowledge of iOS back-end services is a plus
  • In-depth knowledge of the mobile development lifecycle
  • Working knowledge of iOS frameworks such as Core Animation, Core Data, and Core, among others
  • Understanding of the overall mobile landscape, including trends, architectures, and upcoming technologies

Top 5 programming concepts every iOS developer must know

As an iOS developer, you’d be continuously experimenting with various technologies and APIs to develop flexible solutions and integrate web services into your apps. In this article, we’ve covered five programming concepts that every iOS developer should know.

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1. Hands-on experience with Swift

With Swift, iOS developers can build robust mobile applications. When it comes to iOS developer recruitments, hiring managers to look for iOS developers who are proficient with Swift programming. Companies hire iOS developers for building applications like booking apps, eCommerce apps, music apps, social media applications, etc. 

2. Xcode IDE for iOS developers

Xcode is an integrated development environment consisting of iOS SDK, compilers, tools, and frameworks. iOS developers use it to build software applications for Mac OS X, iOS devices (iPods, iPhones, iPads), the Apple Watch, and, most recently, the Apple TV. Xcode IDE assists iOS developers in writing software, compiling it, loading it onto a device, debugging it, and eventually submitting it to the app store.

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3. View controllers

To manage the user interface of applications,  iOS developers can use view controllers. A view controller is in charge of a single root view that can have any number of subviews and manages the user interactions with this view hierarchy. It also coordinates with other objects in the applications as needed. Developers should have a good understanding of view controllers. They can use numerous view controllers to manage separate areas of their app’s content if it has more stuff than can fit onscreen at once. To make navigation easier or develop unique interfaces, a container view controller can combine custom views with the contents of its child view controllers.


4. Mockingbird for the initial development process

Mockingbird, an iOS development tool, can assist in the early stages of development. In the same way that a napkin sketch works, the web-based wireframe tool allows developers to get their visual thoughts onto a digital medium. It will enable the developer to change the orientation, color, text size, and font color. The iOS developers may also use the software to create clickable mockups of their iOS apps.

Mockingbirdhas a few fundamental characteristics that make it distinct: 

  • On big codebases with thousands of mocked types, creating mocks takes seconds rather than minutes.
  • Stubbing and verification failures occur in the middle of the test, not at the end.
  • Production code is kept separate from testing, and annotations are never used.
  • To automatically determine source files, Xcode projects can be utilized as the source of truth.
  1. Table views
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Table views, a critical layout feature in iOS programming, become more sophisticated as the app’s complexity grows. Table views are common in iOS app screens, such as those that display App settings or item lists. Table views are not only significant but also indispensable because they are present in practically every iOS app.

The iOS application developers must understand how to construct excellent table views. The navigation, controls, display type, and switching must all be seamless in the app. With table views, principles like subclassing and delegation become crucial.

Demand for iOS developers in 2022

Users downloaded around 28 billion apps from the Google Play Store and about 7.9 million from the App Store, according to Statista data from Q2 2021. Furthermore, by the end of 2022, US customers will have spent $34 billion or more on applications through app stores.

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There are numerous job opportunities in iOS development for both experienced and entry-level professionals, with competitive salaries and opportunities for advancement. iOS is the best technology to invest your time and money in, according to a recent survey of mobile app developers. Remote iOS development jobs have become increasingly popular as more people use the internet.

Given the popularity and demand for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod, iOS development jobs offer an excellent career opportunity. iOS developer salary is quite competitive, even when compared to other areas in the programming industry because of its higher demand. 

Try a deep jobs platform like to find the best remote iOS developer jobs at the top U.S. companies. Join a network of the world’s best developers to get full-time, long-term remote iOS development employment with higher pay and professional advancement. Turing’s AI-powered system matches developers with opportunities tailored to their specific skill set and degree of experience. Working with cutting-edge technologies to solve complicated technical and business problems will help you grow quickly in your career.

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Wrapping up:

Along with the programming concepts,  iOS developers should know the intelligent hacks that can save time in case you are stuck in the middle of the development. Ambitious iOS developers should always be open to learning advanced tools and technologies to accelerate their careers.

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