Over the past decade, student apartments have been quickly gaining popularity. As of 2019, this sector had obtained over 40% of capital inflows in the property market globally. It means that both individual investors and higher learning institutions strive to supply sufficient accommodations considering that college students are habitually increasing. Most students are now using these facilities because of the five reasons mentioned below.

1. Affordability

An average student may not be in a position to pay rent in a high-end apartment because of the high costs. Most students depend on loans, parents, guardians, scholarships, and part-time jobs to pay their rent. Student apartments are customarily built to cover the high rents that regular housing costs. Typically, a luxurious lifestyle is expensive, but student housing offers affordable luxury. Living in these apartments will help you save cash that you would have spent to purchase house utilities. Amenities such as a fitness center, hot tubs, dishwasher, and laundry are included in the monthly payable rent. An excellent example of student housing is Helix 24, one of the best KU student apartments in Lawrence, KS, an establishment with quality accommodation for students.

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2. Close Access to School

Generally, the ordinary houses for rent are located far from colleges. Student housing is usually built near the school to offer the students close access to the library and classes. Students will only have to walk to arrive at school and no hectic trips to and fro their apartments. You will find out that most of these student houses are separated from the college by a fence. A distant student apartment can be two miles away, so it is the best option for you. Living in a student apartment will help you save time and costs such as maintenance and gas. This proximity will also allow you to participate in most campus activities, more than when you would be living far.

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3. Well Designed Amenities

Although these apartments are tailored to fit college students, they are luxurious. This housing usually has private bathrooms, secure parking grounds, rooftop pools, and well-structured walls as part of the luxury. Most of the amenities in student housing are designed to meet your interests as students. Therefore, with Student housing having readymade luxury amenities that are affordable, most college students will value them. You will find high technology gaming lounges, grilling stations for entertainment, and study rooms. Students consider these developments because they add value to their college life without spending much.

4. Easier Acceptance

Most off-campus apartments have strict conditions that must be met before securing an apartment. It is not the case in student housing because they are specifically made for young adults. Most private property managers tend to decline rental house appeals from students due to the short-term period they will occupy the premises. Some students may offer to stay in a private apartment for their entire learning period, but still, landlords prefer people who will remain for up to a decade. It, therefore, means that your application to secure a place in a student apartment will be readily accepted since your duration of stay and general student habits are already known. Another reason why private housing may decline to host students in their apartments is the ability to pay rent. Student housing customarily considers the different methods students will use to settle their rent debts.

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5. Convenient Lease Terms

When you look at the college calendar, you find out that a year can be divided twice or thrice, and there will be breaks meaning that students will not spend at least three months at school. It is what makes private house renting tricky for campus students. Most house owners will require you to lease their apartment for an extended period. Student housing is flexible as they have put every aspect into consideration. Some student apartments have tailored their rent payments so that you can pay rent for one semester. It will benefit you when deciding to break from school, whereby there will be no lease agreement with any house owner.

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The current well-equipped student apartments offer quality residence for college students, alongside cutting costs and bringing convenience. As a result, these student dwellings have become more popular.



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