Clip-in hair extensions are quite possibly the best type of hair extensions on the market owing to their ease of application and removal, and the minimal maintenance they require. They are ideal for both beginners and experts alike, and clip in human hair extensions are widely growing in popularity all thanks to celebrities and their iconic hairstyles.

If you too have taken a fancy to clip-in hair extensions but somehow find them slipping off every few hours, there may be something you are doing wrong. Given below are four ways you can make your clip-in hair extensions stay in your hair for longer:

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Secure your extensions’ wefts

When putting in your hair extensions, securing the clip wefts should be a priority. If you often find your clip-in hair extensions loosening during the day, it is probably because they do not have enough “meat” to grab onto. Having your wefts slip in broad daylight can be pretty embarrassing, and hence you should do everything you can to prevent it.

To ensure that your wefts are secure, you need to backcomb and tease your natural hair like there’s no tomorrow while placing the wefts on your hair. The key is to ruffle the hair close to your scalp and then put the clips in to ensure that they do not slip away. You could also put in your extensions on the second day of your hair wash as by the second day your hair accumulates just enough buildup to allow the clips to hold on better.

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Place clip wefts at an angle

While this idea might seem silly, bear with us just enough for it to make sense. While placing your clip wefts at the side of your head, be sure to do so with an angle rather than creating a perpendicular line across your scalp as you did with the back of your head. While this instruction may be contrary to what the hair extension manufacturers would ask you to do, it is a tip from celebrity hair stylists and it works.

Placing your clip wefts at an angle on the side of your head works because not only does it give you a softer appearance, but it also blends seamlessly with the natural growth of your hair and holds onto them much better.

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Place wefts on top of one another

Another key to ensuring that your clip wefts stay on your head for longer is stacking them up in a way that there is little space between each weft. Not only does this technique ensure that the wefts are not visible, but it also helps wefts grab onto your roots in a much better manner than what would have been possible otherwise.

Another benefit of stacking your clip wefts is that you should be able to achieve a lot of thickness without using a lot of your hair, which would lead to lesser damage and be helpful if you have finer hair. This is also helpful for those with a lot of layers in their hair.

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Clip-in hair extensions are the best kind of hair extensions in our humble opinion as they are synonymous with style, ease, and convenience. The above-mentioned tips are great for those who struggle to keep their extensions in place and will help them ensure that their extensions stay in place for a longer period.


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