More often than not, babies are fed the same old things day after day: strained carrots, mashed bananas, and mushy peas. But did you know that boredom is just as big a cause of colic as bad digestions? The best way to keep your baby happy and healthy is to offer him or her a wide variety of snacks. Here are six surprising snacks for babys options for keeping a kid content for hours on end.


The more foods that you introduce your baby to at an early age, the more likely their palate will be ready when they get older. And if they’re happy from the start, their bowel movements will be better too — which means less crying (or late night diaper-changing for parents).

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  1. Tofu


Tofu is a great alternative to cow’s milk and is actually a good source of protein, calcium, and iron. If you’re not familiar with it yet, it’s basically made from soybeans and can be used in everything from smoothies to ice cream. Mixing pureed tofu with pureed fruits and vegetables (think carrots and mango) is a great way to sneak extra nutrients into your child’s diet.


  1. Soy Yogurt


Again, yogurt is a great source of minerals and vitamins, as well as probiotics that can provide your baby with extra immunity while they are learning how to fight off disease on their own. But when you’re introducing soy yogurt to your baby, be careful not to give them too much at once. Soy isoflavones (which are components in soy yogurt, tofu, and some other soy products) can block the body’s ability to absorb calcium and iron.

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  1. Canned Fish


Fresh fish is great for adults — but for babies, canned tuna and salmon are the go-to’s. Choose low mercury fish and check their nutritional information carefully before you start feeding your baby any of these options.


  1. Oily Fish


This is the opposite of what a lot of people say – they say that you shouldn’t give babies fish because it’s high in mercury. But the reality is that fish like salmon, mackerel and trout are full of Omega 3 fatty acids which are incredibly important for baby’s brain development. These salmon oils can support your baby’s growth better than any vitamin supplement can. While you’re about it, do yourself a favor and make sure to eat fish as well!

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  1. Yogurt


You’ve heard about yogurt’s digestive benefits for adults and babies alike, but did you know that it can also be a great source of calcium? Unfortunately, some commercial yogurts are full of sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives — which is why it is important to read the packaging (and your baby’s reaction) before you buy.


  1. Hummus


If you’re the type to run out to your local deli and grab a pita while you’re out and about, then making your own hummus from garbanzo beans can save you money. There are many different varieties of hummus, so experiment with different herbs and spices for the perfect flavor for your baby.

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