Technology plays a significant role in everyday life of humans. in whatever gadgets will use Technology has helped it make it more efficient and productive humans. As a result, it is quite apparent that it will have an important role when it comes to education. The start of the covid-19 pandemic has played the central role in pushing the economy towards using the online education medium to ensure that the lives of the students were not affected. In the last few years, there have been tremendous steps taken by governments across the world to push their economy towards digitalization.

The reason being that having a digital economy will enhance the effectiveness and also reduce errors within the system. In this way an increase in efficiency will occur which will result in saving up court and not encouraging losses. Similarly, it is important to note that online education has several benefits when it comes to providing better quality education to the students. There has been a revolution in the internet over the various organizations that have come up with their own online educational apps.

In such a situation, these applications pose a question to the students regarding which is the best app for online teachning and can help guide them in their studies. There also lies the question whether these LMS will be able to meet the needs and requirements of the students and help them to get better grades in the examinations. Therefore, in such situations it is important that the students look towards other options that will help determine them with what application is the best to use when it comes to online education.

Role of teachers


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It is important to note that the teachers are considered to be the pillars on which the foundation of a student is built. Hence, it is quite apparent that Organisations that have the best teachers present will have more students choosing them over other online applications. good quality because it enables the students to understand their subjects better and help them achieve their aims easily. Moreover,  these teachers play a central role in developing lesson plans that suit the needs of the students. It is based on these lesson plans that the students are able to achieve a study goal and complete their everyday objective. Online education has brought forward the use of Technology that has enabled it to become more efficient. through the use of various online educational Technologies, it has enabled the education and learning process to become more smooth and interesting.

It has also made it engaging for the students that has made them concentrate more on the subjects and ask questions regarding the same. In the last few years the major inventions made in the field of Technology have been implemented in the educational field to show better results. The use of Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and virtual learning enable students to have a better idea about how this can enhance their life. Moreover, through the use of these Technologies the students have found learning to become more fun and interesting. There has been an increased use of such modern technologies in both pre school and high school levels to several advantages.

However, it Is important to understand that the teachers need to be specifically trained to positively implement these technologies in the learning process of the students and gain results. Each of these technologies are prepared to develop a particular result and the Teachers need to be aware of how they are implementing the same in every day learning process.

Why is online learning the future?


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The Rapid increase in the use of technology and the availability of smartphones and internet connection in every household has further increased the dependency of humans on such Technologies. Moreover, the several benefits that modern educational tools have brought in education has made the students become more interested in using such tools to their advantage. Moreover, online learning is convenient and flexible and can be used by teachers and students whenever they require it. This has helped them save a lot of time and increased their overall efficiency and productivity when it comes to their studies.


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