When it comes to winning at Starburst slot games, all sorts of feelings come to mind. The joy of winning cash, the gloating rights over your friends, or simply the feeling of having fun. There are tons of ways to experience these epic wins in the casino.

In 2021 there are more casino games than ever before! This can get a bit overwhelming, so we’re going to be breaking down the best ways to win in a casino. Read on to find out more – we’re going to be taking a look at:

–          Poker

–          Progressive Slots

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–          Bingo


Most of the time when you are playing casino games, your chances of hitting the jackpot is very much down to exactly that – chance. Whether it’s roulette, craps or slots, there really is no way to guarantee you will win – unless you have superpowers and can control the roll of a dice! However, not all games are like this – games such as Poker are deemed as ‘skill-based casino games’ because winning will require practice, skill and knowledge! Obviously there is an element of chance to the game, but hone your skills enough and you can massively increase your chances of walking away from the casino with a big win!

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Progressive Slots

Poker is super lucrative, but it can be a little bit complicated for some. If you prefer your casino games short and simple then we think slots could be for you! However, it must be said that with the high RTP% slots of 2021, it can often be hard to win significant cash. This is why we think progressive slots is an excellent option. For every person who stakes a bet and loses, their cash is added to the overall jackpot pool meaning it is getting progressively bigger over time! This can result in some enormous jackpots making it a fantastic way to win in a casino. However, watch out – the odds are very low, and you’re going to have to be seriously lucky!

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A lot of us casino game fans are pretty hardcore – we love slots, bingo, cards and the rest, and we won’t quit until we walk out with some form of jackpot! However, this isn’t always the healthiest way of winning at casino games. Instead, sometimes it can be a better option to relax and enjoy casino games with your friends, with winning being a simple bonus if it occurs. We love bingo for this – we meet up with our friends, all chip in for some rounds of bingo and we always have fun. We don’t always win, but we always leave the casino happy. Bingo.

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Best Ways to Win

Ultimately, the best ways to win in the casino ultimately comes down to what kind of player you are. In our opinion, if you have the brains then Poker truly is the best way to win in a casino as it’s a skill-based game. However, sometimes the true way to win in the casino is to walk away happy, and this is why we think bingo truly shines. Love it.


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