IncorporatingGetting protein into your daily diet is essential for your overall wellbeing. It is a key nutrient that you should be getting at least 50 grams of every single day. Without enough protein in your daily diet, it will be difficultreally hard to have the energy to complete daily tasks and stay on top of it all.


Having a high protein intake will also improvehelp with so many additional health aspects, including helping you ultimately lose weight, get stronger, grow muscle masss, and simply have a better immune system.


While somemany people automatically assume that the best way to get protein is bythrough eating meat, there are a variety ofactually so many different ways to incorporate it intoget protein into your diet. From eating cheese to drinking pressed juice, it is actually easier than you think to stay on top of your protein intake.

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Keep reading forWe are sharing all the simplesteasiest ways you can addget more protein tointo your diet so that you can feel great and look great too!


Here are the top ways to increase your protein intake.

1. Eat the Protein First

Did you know that if you eat the protein component of your meal first before the starches, your body willis going to be able to absorb more of it? So,This means that when it comes time to eat a traditional dinner of steak, potatoes, and vegetables, eat the steak first! This will ensure that your body absorbs more of it more while and also helps managinge the blood sugar levels as youwhile consumeing other foods later on.

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2. Make Cheese Your Favorite Snack

One of the best protein-rich snacks out there is cheese. It is incrediblyso dense in protein and can aid in keepinghelp keep you full in between meals too. In fact, one serving of cheddar cheese has seven grams of protein while conting. But it also has very low cholesterol, someaning that your levels will not spikeare not going to rise too much either.

3. Get on the Eggs in the AM

While many people go for a bowl of cereal for breakfast, it is really not the most filling of meals because most have very little amounts of protein within. Instead, swap out your morning bowl for some eggs instead. TheyEggs are jam-packed with protein and will help give you the energy and fuel you need to start the day.

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4. Drink Nut Milk Protein Pressed Juices

Another great way to get protein for the day is to sip on pressed juices that are full of it—thanks to both the protein from the superfoods within and the nut milk used to blend it all together. Pressed juices are sometimes so full of protein that they can even be a full meal replacement if doing a juice cleanse or detox.

5. Enjoy All the Nuts

Nuts are full of protein, especially almonds! Nuts have it all—a ton of magnesium, a ton of fiber, and a ton of healthy fats. In fact, almonds contain so much protein that you get about six grams of it from onlyjust one serving. A great way to boost the protein levels infrom anything that you eat is by simply adding a handful of nuts on top.

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6. Get Greek with Yogurt

There are a ton of different yogurts you can enjoy. But the one richest in protein is Greek yogurt. This is achieved by removing the whey and other liquids in the yogurt to result in a higher level of protein within. So, in any parfait, you are looking to enjoy, or even just a healthy snack, go for the Greek yogurt,—which has up to 20 grams of protein in a seven-ounce serving.

7. Mix up the Protein in a Shake

There are also plenty of different ways to take protein in supplement form. This means that you can purchase protein powder and easily turn it into a shake or smoothie. This also is a really great way to make your own nutritional protein bars at home too. Try adding in other protein-rich foods too like peanut butter, chia seeds, or flax seeds.

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8. Snack on Peanut Butter

ESpeaking of which, eating peanut butter is another excellentgreat way to ensure that you can easily get more protein in the most delicious way possible! Whether it be pairing peanut butter with apple slices or literally eating a spoonful of peanut butter on its own, this protein-rich food is sure to fill you up in the most delicious way possible.

9. Increase Your Grain Intake

Laslty, you canAnother great way to raise the amount of protein you are fueling your body with is by eating more whole grains. This includes the likes of wild rice, couscous, buckwheat, and millet. These are easily paired with vegetables and fish for the perfect protein-packed dinner.

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These nine different protein-rich foods are just the beginning when it comes to easy ways to enhance the amount of protein you consume.


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