In this article, we provide you with a quick guide on all you need to know about dog supplements. We will look at the history of these products, their benefits, and tips to enable you to choose the right one for your canine, and other important information.

Let’s get started…

Dog Supplements Introduction

While these products are now popular these days, they weren’t so in the past. They are products that ensure that your mutt has the right nutrients required for it to live healthy.

Any item that is given to your pooch to enhance its normal diet is regarded as a supplement.  Nevertheless, these items are not produced equal. Some of them do not possess all the ingredients your poodle needs which is why you need to be careful of the one you choose. You can visit to find out the general feeding guidelines for dogs.

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There are certain active ingredients that must be in the product for it to effectively help your dog develop properly. We will talk about these in the next section.

Dog Supplements Benefits

There are several benefits your dog gains from ingesting these products such as the prevention of certain conditions such as arthritis. They could also help to treat injuries such as a torn muscle.

Also, these supplements enhance or sustain the overall health of your mutt which includes the joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. The coat and skin of your pooch and digestive health will be improved.

As we said earlier, there are some active ingredients that should be found in these products such as glucosamine can assist your dog to overcome some health conditions such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, ligament injuries and strains, and luxating patella.

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Below are some active ingredients and their benefits:

  1. Glucosamine: This helps to rebuild lost cartilage.

Ii. Chondroitin: Stops cartilage deterioration.

iii. MSM: Decreases joint pain.

  1. Hyaluronic acid: Enhances the stickiness of the synovial fluid that enables the joints to move freely.

Tips on How to Choose Dog Supplements

Once you have decided to get these products, but how do you choose from the various options available in the market. You don’t have worry as we are here to help you.

The following are guidelines that can help you to choose the supplement that is suitable for your poodle. The product must be:

  1. Filled with active ingredients.
  2. Filler-free
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iii. Bioavailable; your pet should be able to truly use the contained nutrients

  1. Effective
  2. Safe

You should always look for a supplement with as a lot of active ingredients. Each of these ingredients must be able to provide one health benefit or the other. Hence, ingredients such as added flavors and binders should be avoided since they only act as fillers. You can use Cheef Botanicals as a resource for finding out more about active ingredients that should be in a supplement.

No matter how many ingredients are in the supplement, the body of your mutt must be able to use them. Hence, the ingredients themselves must have high bioavailability. An example of such an item is glucosamine hydrochloride.

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Lastly, you should select the supplement with a review and approval by either a veterinary authority or regulatory body. This will ensure that the product is both effective and safe.

Dog Supplements Types

Some supplements come in form of powder, pills, or treats. Therefore, you should factor in what form your furry buddy will prefer as you make your selection.

If it loves to eat, then you can add the powder form to its meal. If it is finicky, treat supplementation would be the obvious choice.

Apart from the form they come in, they are of different types based on the purposes they serve.  Some common types work for joints, muscles, skins and coats, and calming purposes. Click here to learn how to take care of your dog’s coat. Hence, you need to focus on what benefit your pet will gain while you choose.

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Reasons to Give your Dog Supplements

1. Sustains Joint Health

With the right kind of supplement, joint issues such as arthritis can be alleviated. The joint health can then be sustained.

Active ingredients such as glucosamine assist in strengthening joint cartilage. The two types of this ingredients are glucosamine hydrochloride and glucosamine sulfate.

2. Promotes Tendon and Ligament Health

Not only do the supplements help with joints, they also promote tendon and ligament health. Chondroitin and glucosamine are building blocks that ensure healthy tendons and ligaments.

If your pooch is limping or experiencing symptoms of lameness, then you should get it a supplement that promotes tendon and ligament health.

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3. Prevents Injuries

Injuries can happen at any time especially if your tyke is very active. Thankfully, the probability of these injuries can be reduced by administering a powder form supplement to your pet. When the joints, tendons and muscles of your four-legged friend are strong, they are less-likely to get injured.

Furthermore, the supplement might have ingredients like MSM that prevents inflammation and pain. This will ensure that they recover quickly even if they get injured.

4. Fights Arthritis

Joint supplements are able to alleviate the arthritis pain your dog might be suffering from. Hyaluronic acid is one ingredient that enhances the synovial fluid viscosity. Also, chondroitin and glucosamine can reconstitute cartilage and then stop any further deterioration.

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The article above is a quick guide on all you need to know about dog supplements. We have discussed the benefits, tips on how to choose a supplement, they types available and reason why you should give supplements to your canine buddy.


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